Tuesday, May 15, 2007

promising light

Out here in Northern Virginia, or, as my dad would call it, the "sticks," the environment just isn't conducive to blogging. The internet blows--who would have thought that suburban families could learn how to secure their wireless?--my parents' imac isn't compatible with blogger, and my mom keeps distracting me with plates of freshly cut fruit.

Plus, I miss my normal font. I can't think with all dem serifs!

That said, in the tradition of Laurence Sterne, I will promise some "chapters" that I'm obviously not going to deliver on:

1. More wince-inducing images gleaned from erc's formerly untouched crypt of junior high photographs.
2. Some thoughts on the last two novels I read--The Master and Margarita and The Human Stain--and literary pleasure.
3. Some thoughts on online vs. paper book reviews, and a conversation I had with frequent-erc-commenter Matt about who has the "right to review."
4. A post about American Idol, which is basically all my parents and I discuss.

Keep on truckin,' readers. For now, I'll leave you with the most disgusting picture of all time.


LT said...

Oh! I'd love to hear your thoughts on The Master and Margarita; I also just finished that book.

Parmiss said...

Mina, this picture is amazing.

The Break Up said...

i'm really wishing that you just had a really awkward pre-pubescent phase and were actually the one on the right... am i right? am i right? *nudge nudge*

elmrockcity said...

Ha...I think I did wear that sweet Guess shirt as a hand me down.