Saturday, May 12, 2007


Flipping through the catalog I received in the mail yesterday, came across:

Think her outfit's from Anthropologie, too?


sebastian said...

That's almost as good the adds for Colonial Williamsburg they used to run in the Atlantic Monthly that encouraged visitors to come discover their own "Colonial Me":

(Scroll down: they have expandable versions at the bottom of the page.)

H.Bomb said...
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H.Bomb said...

Amazing. One time the following exchange took place:

B.Colg's sister: Anthropologie.
B.Colg's mom: What's Anthropologie?
B.Colg's sister: This store. I bet H.Bomb shops there.

I was told not to take that as insult, which I tried not to, but still it stung. But still sometimes I need to pay $30 for a double-V neck tank top in green and then go back two days later and buy the same one in red. No shame, erc, no shame!

Anonymous said...

I find the most disturbing part of this photo to be the woman's decision to play the stereotypical role and stand in the background slaving away.

I think this dress is more fitting for erc (in name, at least):

some girl said...

You got Gawkered! Nice work.

Anonymous said...

So if it was a man doing this, would it be demeaning?