Monday, April 23, 2007

problem solvin'

Seriously, Betty T.?

Weapons to go offstage: Trachtenberg cites Virginia Tech Attack (Yale Daily News)


Herman Furry Paws said...

Yeah, she overreacted, but this statement is also a tad over-something:

“It is problematic because all of us were incredibly shocked by the events at Virginia Tech,” Kemple said. “We turn to extracurriculars in our grief [and] the Yale administration makes the healing more difficult."

So Yale students go to campus theatre to heal their pain over what happened at VTech? I don't know, just kind of a strange thing to say.

In other news, you should come guest blog for us on the playoffs. There's gotta be some criticism that you can apply to Tracy McGrady.

elmrockcity said...

Yeah, I would agree.

At the risk of losing your readership, professional basketball means nein to me.

And this was published yesterday. Per usual, my stuff's hopelessly irrelevant!

yayce said...

Oh, that's just Betty T getting her rocket boosters ready (i.e. she wants to be gangster in her last months as dean). It's like Bush firing Iglesias... sort of. Maybe more like the final scene in Scarface...

We (Suite 13) once had a show entitled "Fecal Pinata" which resulted in a closed roundtable discussion with her and a delightfully contrived public apology in the YDN... did ya know she's half Mexican or something? Who knew?