Thursday, March 08, 2007

the first actual post about the elm city ever

With spring break around the corner, Yale students--as a second semester senior, I can't tell the difference between 99% of my classmates and New Haven middle-schoolers--have begun to trickle out of the city. It's like watching a gross case of acne finally clear up (to continue the pre-teen allusions).

I always feel lame and self-centered when I describe the city as "emptying" as vacation nears (we students are, of course, only a small sector of the large-ish Elm City, home of the pizza, the hamburger, the erector set, and--GET THIS--Starter jackets). I'm similarly irritated when people talk about New York being "filled with Yalies." It's like, yeah, if by New York you mean a handful of Murray Hill apartment buildings.

Nevertheless, the 3-4 blocks I walk through every day are growing desolate. The absence of upsetting conversation with other Yale students ("So I had my second interview with Goldman. I was like, 'I'm kind a big deal.'") has only stressed the piquancy of my multifarious interactions with New Havenites.

ERC: Medium coffee, please.
Starbucks Employee: You mean, "grande."
ERC: Oh. Sorry.
Starbucks Employee: Hey, great hair.
ERC: Thanks.
Starbucks Employee: How do you make it look unwashed like that?
ERC: ....


Dan said...

nice post, ERC. I too love an emptied New Haven in the spring or summer, when you can see its true beauty...

Beneficent Allah said...

But really, how do you make it look unwashed like that?

james yu said...

hello erc,

im a creey internet stalker who found you through ivygate.

i like your style. its untainted and academic in approach.

your anecdotes are zippy and set up well. i envy you.

the story involving "deal or no deal", i was priceless.

piece haut.

Mr.Wrongway said...

hello erc,

i'm a creepier internet stalker (ON YOUR LAN RIGHT NOW). Your snippets are tre tre and just right of zany. I AM SMILING. Do you have a price?

leighter brough.

elmrockcity said...

hahaha (especially the part about smiling)

lt said...


I guess I shouldn't be a creepy stalker anymore. I also found your blog through Ivygate and have been obsessively reading it since then. I love your writing, and I thought your cartoon was awesome. Keep it up!

Rich said...

is reading someone's blog these days really equivalent to stalking? cause if so, i'm gonna be served with a hell of a lot of temporary restraining orders pretty soon.

the actual rod said...

rich, fucking amazing. mr w, likewise.

erc, i can't believe i didn't know about this before. i would say something clever, but no.