Thursday, March 22, 2007

I <3 Mom

Before the clock hits midnight, here's a special 60th birthday shout out to erc's Mom*, in a poetic form that hearkens back to my crappy birthday presents of yore:

S ome moms just don't
U nderstand when their daughters
N eed solitude, chewing gum, and hours of uninterrupted

M acBook time. Omma, even though
I know you detest the aforementioned habits, I
N ever take your tolerance for granted.

K eep on rocking
I n a free world, you, my beloved
M other, who was born in an
E ast Asian country now run by a totalitarian regime.
S ixty years have gone by, 21 of which I have loved you.

*May she never, ever find this blog.


Beneficent Allah said...

Will you write one of these for me?

elmrockcity said...

Maybe when you either 1. become nice or 2. escape across a heavily armed border.

The ACTUAL God said...

that was very sweet

Mr.Wrongway said...

i feel i have to comment.

Anonymous said...

that's a cute poem... i like the touches of sentimentality and family orientation... they warm the heart.

elmrockcity said...

It's clear that I've lost my edge. More haterade haiku's forthcoming.

Beneficent Allah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mr.Wrongway said...

so haterade is hate?

Beneficent Allah said...

Hey erc I was way out of line, I don't deserve a poem...but could you write one for my mom? (Afsar) She had to go through some thangs! And AG says she has a beautiful face (if you'd like to incorporate that)


Mr.Wrongway said...

no offense BA, but i think i speak on behalf of the entire internet when I say that we'd prefer a poem for rod's mom. At least we've met her. Sorry AG, I'm sure she's gorgeous.

Beneficent Allah said...

Yea Maryam deserves it...although Mrs. AG is a fox and a half.