Tuesday, March 06, 2007


I have a sitemeter installed on this blog that tells me things like how long visitors are looking at the site and how they find it. Creepily, this enables me to see people's search fields for google. It's usually some combination of my full name and a derogatory word, but the misguided ones are funny--a guy looking for "steve nicks t-shirts" lands on one of my first entries--and the horribly misguided ones are even funnier, as when some perv looking for "junior high hotties" landed on this entry about my awkward middle school days.

At first, I was like, "Ha ha, fool! No kiddie-p**n for you!" Then I realized that lil 'erc is showing a lot of not-yet-needing-to-be-shaven leg in that picture, and freaked out a little at the thought of some perv staring at my 6th grade track picture. Then I saw--thanks to sitemeter--that the guy had immediately exited the site upon entry.

I'm not going to lie--I felt a little indignant on behalf of my 6th grade self.


Mark B. said...

Site-meters are great... but usually after you look, you kind of wish you didn't... Your blog is great.

Enia said...

I'm going to second the "your blog is great" comments since I'm sure already see that I have been reading it obsessively. Now I can actually blogroll you in the open, rather than being a silly stalker.

elmrockcity said...

Thanks...it's weird: people who read erc often tell me they feel weird about it, despite the fact that it rarely contains personal information and it's linked on my facebook.