Thursday, February 22, 2007

misanthropy part deux

Random thought #1: Am I the only person in the age 18-30 demographic who thought the whole Dick in a Box thing only deserved a few seconds of polite laughter*?

Random thought #2: It's telling that there are 12 posts on this blog tagged haterade, 15 for literary theory, and 1 for sex.

Random thought #3: #1 and #2 are probably related.

*Side note: I thought Lazy Sunday was muy comico. ERC isn't totally humorless.


dc said...

You might be. I thought that shit was FUN-NAY.

Related: as soon as I finished this post, the person across from me in the computer lab started singing the Dick In A Box song to himself. He is not in a position to see what's on my monitor.

ERC is mindcasting.

elmrockcity said...

Well nothing is as funny as

i know i'm whatever said...

I am mortally offended by these internet "viral" comedy phenomena once they are over a week old. It's like, by the time your grandmother is emailing you "dick in a box" in late April, it isn't funny anymore. As of the day-after-Christmas, I never wanted to hear about it again.

seeing someone singing the song would probably traumatize me for life.

Rich said...

but didn't you LOVE "Box in a Box"?!...alright, fine both of them were pretty good, but overblown of course.

and look on the bright side, there are only 4 posts about apathy as opposed to 15 about family! i wonder what my ratios are...

Sam Jackson said...

With you 100% on the 'dick in box' not being the funniest thing of all time. I liked it a little more the 100th time it was mentioned as being super hilarious... oh wait, just kidding, I totally didn't! I'm also with you on the Lazy Sunday appreciation. Quality.

I'm going to be y2011 and your blog suggests your being really cool, so I suppose it's a) too bad you will be gone and away (not that I would ever interact with seniors anyways?) and b) good that your blog is here as a representative example, I can pretend-imagine, of the humor, wit, and charm of the yale student body. Kudos, I'll be reading.

Anonymous said...

you're right... it was really the first chorus of the sketch that was worthy of a polite smile... and maybe when the guy is hanging from the basketball hoop... but over all not funny, just slightly amusing.