Thursday, February 01, 2007

sometimes, it's more than I can bear

From: Dean's Secretary

To: "All Students-Davenport"

Dear D'Porter's:

R*** is in search of a homemade Heavy Metal "zine" from Columbus, Ohio that was mistakenly taken this afternoon in the Dining Hall. It is called "Thunder Theft." It is just regular, photo-copied pages stapled in the middle. The cover is a montage with skeletons, dragons, etc. Although inexpensive-looking, it is difficult to replace. Please contact R** at R**** Thanks!


Richard D. Espinosa III said...

i imagine this person in the dean's office frantically describing the "zine" and then the sec writing down this info on a notepad before synthesizing it into this beautiful memo

ted said...

hey, don't hate on extreme rob. plus, this was last year!

elmrockcity said...

Who is extreme rob? Other than my hero. Yeah, I was rummaging through my saved emails and came across that treasure.

Anonymous said...

do you like any heavy metal music? I personally don't, but I sometimes wonder if that's just because I don't allow myself to experience of rage that may be there, boiling below the surface... perhaps metal aficionados are able to use the ritual of metal listening (head banging?) to experience a state of consciousness that I am somehow numb to.