Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Anonymous (2:49:57 PM): HANSON IS GIVING A MASTER TEA at 330 in branford, friday
minafosho (7:50:08 PM): shut up
minafosho (7:50:15 PM): I want to go
Anonymous (2:51:28 PM): of course we're going, duh
minafosho (7:51:59 PM): they're still single. no the youngest one is married
Anonymous (2:52:10 PM): zack?
Anonymous (2:52:28 PM): zach - youngest - taylor - def married - isaac oldest ??
minafosho (7:52:39 PM): wait, they're all married now.
Anonymous (2:53:37 PM): really?
Anonymous (2:53:39 PM): are you sure?
minafosho (7:53:43 PM): yeah, I just looked on wikipedia. the middle one is still cute
Anonymous (2:54:20 PM): i know. im sure he messes around
Anonymous (2:54:41 PM): he married his wife cause she was preggers already
Anonymous (2:54:50 PM): that makes for an unhappy marriage sometimes...
minafosho (7:54:45 PM): how do you know this?
minafosho (7:54:49 PM): I'm posting this conversation
Anonymous (2:56:05 PM): oh i would have made my responses better
Anonymous (2:56:30 PM): you should really have IM convos with my sister, that would be great fodder
minafosho (7:56:29 PM): oh?
Anonymous (2:56:43 PM): Anonymous's sister (4:57:18 PM): i just took a poop that made my butthole sting
minafosho (7:56:54 PM): yeah posting that


Rich said...

how did erc manage to have such a coherent conversation with anon. when she was chatting 5 hours later? aim fraud, clever editing, or does anon live in hawaii (is that the only 5 hour difference place?)?

elmrockcity said...

ugh, my computer's clock has been screwed up for months now. bad news for turning in reading responses..