Sunday, February 04, 2007

phat beatz

Until recently, I forgot that I wrote this piece for FSB; it appears in the February issue as a two page spread (the layout includes lyrical excerpts from some of the more brilliant numbers).

Briefly, it's about a 23 year old Russian immigrant who wants to make a million bucks by crafting antiquated jingles (my original lead, or introduction, was structured as a knock knock joke). Anyways, the dude has converted this into more than fifty thou thus far. Check out his website--you won't regret it.


Rich said...

"Get an eNthem" is priceless, truly. You think you can get us a discount for a marquis/delino eNthem? also, I'll look into the march 9th convention date...

eNthem said...

Ask, and you shall receive!

All readers of this blog who would like to create an eNthem will receive $100 off.

Have the greatest day of you entire life!

eNthem On!

eNthem said...

Simply put "elmrockcity" in the "additional notes" box

Anonymous said...

" original lead, or introduction..."
try lede

P.S. And it's LAN line, not land line