Tuesday, February 06, 2007

craigslist exposed

I haven't posted a craigslisting in a while (asian fetishist, where have you gone?!), so here's a savory new bit for your voyeuristic cravings:

for the tall, chubby girl who jogs on Dwight and Howe - m4w - 28

Reply to: pers-273833652@craigslist.org
Date: 2007-02-05, 2:52PM EST

Hey, saw you jogging last Saturday for the first time in a while. Every time I see you I think how different you are from, well from just about any girl I've ever dated. And I wonder if you have as much trouble with the opposite sex as I do. Maybe we could have dinner sometime and find out? Just a warning though, I'm not short, but you do have at least a couple inches on me. ;)


After getting over the initial fear that this might be erc (what...I jog), I was struck by the hostile subtext of the post. I mean, this guy is seriously self-conscious, even for a Yale student. All of the "maybe's" and awkward smile-wink emoticon thingies in the world can't hide that much insecurity, buddy.

Personally, I prefer to type in lower case, excise pronouns, and sign with a single initial. Like this:
hey, if want to grab beers, am down. talk soon, m.

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