Monday, January 01, 2007

on beauty

The prettiest [girls] are almost always the most boring, and that is why some people feel there is no God.
-Woody Allen

I have an alternate theory about the correlation between attractiveness and intellect (when used in the same way, is there a semantic difference between "intellect" and "intelligence?"). I am convinced that one's most influential years, intellectually, transpire in junior high. Junior high hotties grow up to be Danielle Steele enthusiasts and Nascar fans; awkward-looking middle schoolers grow up to be awkward-acting nerds.

Unrelatedly, a picture of erc at the tender age of 13, not yet a girl, not yet a woman:

Yes, I was at the cusp of my teenage years--my resemblance to an eight year old belies the countless hours of reading science fiction I already had tucked under my belt. I wish I could travel back in time and tell little erc to stop wearing those Fila socks to school.


i know i'm whatever said...

Oh! This is my favorite conversation!!

elmrockcity said...

Well, what's your theory?

yayce said...

i'd like to share a story:
i once dated a very good-looking girl who went to Yale. so good-looking, in fact, that any time we went out somewhere, we would invariably be given free things or have slightly arduous favors performed for us (once, in Commons, one of the workers bussed our trays for us... i mean literally took them from our table where we were sitting and bussed them... oh, and why? because she was goodlooking... not to mention incredibly boring and sortofabitch... it's amazing what my superficiality will allow me to overlook).

now, mind you, during this point in my life, i found myself focusing less on schoolwork... i became lazier and more complacent, depending more upon the generosity of strangers (who probably wanted to bang my girlfriend which accounts for the free stuff...) than on my own willpower... and it made me realize, "this must be what it's like"... pretty sweet

my point is, hot girls do not have to be smart or impressive, they just have to continue looking good and speak only when spoken to... why do people study and work hard anyway? oh yeah, so they can be successful and GET THINGS... THE THINGS that the hot girls are already getting for just being hot. life isn't fair.

but you know who must have it really hard? girls who are hot AND smart... oh man, i feeeeel for you, erc. really, i do. because when that happens, you become unapproachable to about 99% of the population because nothing is more intimidating than a woman who a guy/girl thinks is smarter AND better-looking than they are... another conversation.


Anonymous said...

cmon on, that is such an absurdly derivative story/collection of thoughts

Tom said...

All hot girls have to do is wear halter tops and give BJs.