Wednesday, January 10, 2007

erc on break

Friend (5:40:57 PM): have you been all around hawaii?
minafosho (5:40:36 PM): no, Im a lazy slob
minafosho (5:40:43 PM): every day I get up, eat breakfast, work out, lie on the beach until 2 or 3
minafosho (5:40:54 PM): then sit at the computer and read articles online for three hours
minafosho (5:40:55 PM): then eat more
minafosho (5:40:57 PM): then watch a movie
minafosho (5:40:58 PM): then go to bed
Friend (5:42:12 PM): dude, that's pretty much my MO too
Friend (5:42:26 PM): mix in some arguing with parents, random household tasks, and spending on things i dont need, like things from cvs
minafosho (5:42:16 PM): yeah, me too.
minafosho (5:42:35 PM): ooo mrs doubtfire is on
minafosho (5:42:35 PM): gtg

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i know i'm whatever said...

I watched Mrs. Doubtfire a few weeks ago, and decided I had a crush on the eldest daughter ("Lydia")