Monday, January 08, 2007

Not Yo Family

Just days into vacation, the intensity and proximity is beginning to wear on my family; as of late, small instances of bickering have exploded into full-scale battle royales, mainly triggered by an unnamed sibling who reads this blog. Most of these clashes have arisen in front of the refrigerator: While everyone has learned the brutal consequences of stealing from erc's stash of diet coke/gum, it seems that all members of the family share a special affinity for the same product--Yoplait Light Yogurt.

Tonight, after dinner, we headed to Safeway with a grocery list of staples. But it was clear from the beginning that everyone had the same thing on their mind:

After we split our separate ways, we were all "surprised" to find each other in the dairy aisle. We crowded around the Yoplait section and things turned ugly:

Mom: Hands off the Boston creme pie! And the Vanilla! And the Berries n' cream!
Isaac (dumps fifteen yoplaits into basket): Whatever, Key Lime Pie is the best anyways.
Dad (disgusted): Ugh, I think you've had enough. Hey, is that Apple Turnover??
Mom (slaps away the hand of passing little girl): I"LL EAT ALL MINE TONIGHT, TOO.

Embarrassed that my family wasn't more (or should I say less) "cultured," I hung back and played it cool. As soon as we got home, though, I ripped open a pair of Boston creme pie Yoplaits and dumped them into a bowl, only to be caught by Mom, ever eager for a photo op.Damn, I didn't even have the composure to throw my gum away first.

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Matt said...

While the whole thing is very enjoyable (cf. all Kimes family adventures), I'm particularly grateful for that pun.