Friday, January 05, 2007

Four haikus about my favorite actress

Your luminescence
Has driven many a man
To Depp-ths of remorse.

In that new flick by
Phillip Dick, your voice led me to
Rent Heathers that night.

I watched Beetle-Juice
As a Girl, Interrupted
When Mom changed channels.

Oh Lelaina, Pierce
Through my heart, the only thing
You truly did steal.


Rich said...

#3 stands out for me...I used to write haikus all the time back in sophomore year. fun times.

NickAntosca said...

5-7-5 is more of a suggestion than actual rule in elm rock city, I gather.

elmrockcity said...

Hey, I thought I got those syllables right..

yayce said...

"Phillip Dick, your voice led me to"

that's 8...

I thought you were supposed to be good at math, oh SNAP no I di'int

cut here-> -------------------------

*this coupon is good for one black joke*

NickAntosca said...

Does "girl" have one syllable or two? "Philip Dick" only has one "L." At this point I'm being an asshole. My blog is probably full of typos that deserve to be pointed out. I shouldn't criticize. Winona Ryder is pretty. She still looks nineteen.

richard Espinosa said...

prob my favorite thing in this blog yet maybe becuase i ~*~*understand it*~*~*

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