Thursday, December 28, 2006

vital humours

Things that other people seem to find really funny, but I generally do not:
1. Will Ferrell--especially Anchorman
2. Quoting popular movies--especially Anchorman
3. Engrish (or, for that matter, jokes that rely on Asian stereotypes, except for those that expose Asian/Black dynamics or Asian women talking about their mothers)
4. Dane Cook
5. Jokes about the difference between men and women
6. The film Thank You for Smoking, which was boring and uninspired

Things that I find really funny, but other people generally do not:
1. The long clues in crossword puzzles that comprise the overarching theme and are usually double entendres
2. Puns in conversation
3. Bitchy waitresses, bored clerks, bickering siblings
4. Poorly-timed photographs
5. Products that replace the letter "c" with "k," or substitute "ex" with "X"
6. Ruining the ending for others


Anonymous said...

Puns are amazing.

I did not used to be a Will Ferrell fan but I am now, and I have the zeal of the late convert.

People quoting things sucks. I have come to realize that often times "the funny friend" in a group of people who aren't particularly funny is usually just the dude quickest to rattle off a "Napoleon Dynamite" catchphrase.

That said, when people quote something you've done, it's a cool feeling.

This is the second post in a row I can egocentrically read as "Mina trashing some aspect of something I hope to make my living from." I will respond in kind by posting nothing but strongly worded critiques of deconstructionist theory and the publishing industry for the next week or so.

There will be mad puns in 'em too. (Camus-ve Over, Deconstructionist Theory! is a title I'm considering.)

- DC

yayce said...

Yes, I think Will Ferrell is one of the most overrated human beings on the planet (he was pretty funny on SNL) but my exgirlfriend thought (still thinks, because she is alive... *sigh*) that all of his movies are so. great. (hence the latest title of "ex")... sure, quoting is annoying (and addictive when you're doing it), but have you ever heard Marly Gillece quote "How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days"?

Believe me, it is epic.

elmrockcity said...

I'm a hypocrite; I quote The Office to my brother every ten seconds.

A chick who calls herself "La la lesbian" as an arbiter of taste? Yeah, that's what I thought.

Rich said...

anchorman is soooo overrated. i concur. dane cook is so obviously bad that it's not worth discussing. i actually greatly enjoyed Thank You for Smoking. quoting movies/tv shows is something i do far too often, and it can be both good and bad. but overall it depends on who's quoting what and in what context.

the idea of George Bush having maggots eating away at his brain all the time is something that is very funny to me and dan.