Wednesday, December 13, 2006

parents' visit part deux

Yesterday afternoon, my parents flew up to New Haven for their second visit of the year; since they've moved back to the States (yes, writing "the States" makes me feel like a huge tool), my mom has taken to phoning me several times each week, often with "reasons" such as:

12/10 (5:45 pm) she wants to know if she should bring zip loc bags, or
12/10 (7:30 pm) sweat pants, or
12/10 (8:45 pm) canned goods. Yes, she knows I'm not a hobo. No, she won't call again.
12/10 (9:30 pm) am I sure I don't need zip loc bags?
12/10 (10:25 pm) forgot to say "good night!"
12/10 (10:45 pm) last question--what should she wear to the ceremony? oh right, we already talked about this.

The "ceremony" was my phi beta kappa induction which was, to say the least, hilarious. The highlight was probably learning the PBK handshake, which basically involves making the "trekkie" symbol and awkwardly forking another member's hand with your own. We also learned that Skull and Bones may have been started by kids who didn't get into PBK. Sweet: Instead of getting $20,000 and a lamborghini after graduation, I have the satisfaction of a vaguely sexual handshake and a swell GPA.

My mom loves taking pictures at inappropriate times (see: countless images of our family in parking lots, gift shops, waiting in line for national landmarks, etc) and has no qualms about asking random strangers to indulge her. To deter this habit, I've begun making my SUPER EXCITED face in every picture she asks people to take of us. At the ceremony, at Battell:

Unfortunately, this scheme has fireballed:

12/13 (7:30 pm) dad and her got home safe, don't worry!
12/13 (8:00 pm) could I email her the pictures?
12/13 (8:12 pm) thanks!
12/13 (8:15 pm) is glad that I'm "finally smiling" in pictures

In addition to the ceremony, we also dined at Roomba (3 stars/5) and Union League (4.5/5), and visited the newly restored Yale Art Gallery, gushingly reviewed a few days ago (apparently, Kahn is up there with Obama for the Times). While the review is a bit mawkish--"Everything here feels warmly alive"--the writer is right: the combination of artificial and natural lighting in the museum is amazing. For me, highlights included the print exhibit on the top floor (featuring some lovely, playful Jane Hammond and Kiki Smith works) and the Anselm Kiefer, Manet, and Gerhard Richter pieces. The modern and early european collections are pretty incredible.

Man, I'm lucky to be here.

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Jim Stanley said...

I'm glad I'm not in Phi Beta Kappa because I'm physically unable to make the Spock symbol with my hands. (I also can't roll my tongue. The lack of these skills made me a laughingstock in middle school.)

In fact, that must be the reason I wasn't selected because my GPA is well above 4.5 at this point.