Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A Christmas Story


9:00 am: Wake up. Forgot to take contact lenses out. Day already ruined.
11:30 am: Take a walk with Dad (pictured) around Seward Park, which abuts Lake Washington. We pass a group of eight people playing flag football, and Dad insists that, with my "throwing arm," I could have started a girls' team in junior high. He is dead serious.
12:00 pm: Dad asks if I have a boyfriend. Reply, "No." Long pause. "Good," he says.
1:30 pm: Back at the house, we learn that we will eat dinner at 4 pm. "Really?" says Isaac.
3:30 pm: Christmas dinner is served. 5 out of 8 dishes involve mayonnaise.
5:00 pm: Nap while lying in a fetal position by the heater.
7:30 pm: Finish Muriel Spark anthology, read first 100 pages of The Year of Magical Thinking.
9:35 pm: Mom, Dad, and Isaac are laughing hysterically at a gameshow called "Deal or No Deal." Watch distractedly for a few minutes; it is retarded.
9:55 pm: Mom screams, "NO DEAL!"


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yayce said...

hahaha that is great. especially the mayonnaise. mayOnnaise. it's 6:30 in the morning. *sigh*

Dan said...

funny post!