Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Here is the latest piece of mine to spring up at FSB, about a hairdresser who made her fortune by retrofitting RV's into hair salons and parking in places like Google and ebay. It was printed in the beginning of the Nov. issue.

As with most of these itsy-bitsy clips, I'm more proud of coming up with a viable idea (this emerged, I think, from reading local business journals) then the content itself. I'm surprised and pleased, however, that so many puns have consistently made it through drafts..

Here's another one, about "off-beat schools" that entrepreneurs might be interested in attending. Again, very little content, but a ridiculous amount of googling and research.


Rich said...

i like these little stories. seem like they must be fun to write. and it's good to see the success of these entrepreneurs.

Matt said...

Best tressed!