Tuesday, November 14, 2006

back in the valley

This year, I decided to vote in Connecticut instead of Arizona, the state I attended high school in. Jim Pederson vs. Jon Kyl--who is full of shit--ended up being closer than I anticipated. Tonight, R. JD Hayworth just conceded to D. Harry Mitchell, the candidate my brother was endorsing. Janet Napolitano won handily.

Here's how the other issues panned out:

-Immigrants got the shaft. Prop. 100, "No Bail for Illegal Immigrants," was soundly defeated, English was readily voted the "official state language," and Prop. 300--"Limit Education Services for Illegal Immigrants"--passed. All of these issues won with over 70% of the vote.

-Smoking was banned in restaurants and bars. Whatever.

-Voters decided not to set aside state trust lands, which are used to fund public schools. Both initiatives came in with a less than 5 point difference. Interestingly enough, Arizona is consistently voted as having one of the worst public education systems in the country; last year, we came in at #50--behind Mississippi.

-A ban on same sex marriage was defeated, by less than 3 points. Just when things were looking down...

-And, perhaps most importantly, Prop.204--a ban on small cages for pigs and calves--passed. Somewhere, the abusive owner of a pot-bellied pig just shed a tear.

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