Monday, November 20, 2006

aim brilliance

minafosho: a figure who is often conflated with demeter
minafosho: so the 2001 edition is wrong
minafosho: publisher's error
minafosho: are you wikipediaing
Jkelsofan: good catch
Jkelsofan: nope, though that's often what that pause means
minafosho: yeah for me it is
minafosho: pause = dictionary/wikipedia/google
Jkelsofan: right
Jkelsofan: don't want to fuck up a smart joke
minafosho: truth


minafosho: you know the "nerdy laugh"
minafosho: like, ehugh ehugh ehugh
Jkelsofan: yeah
minafosho: I can't type it on aim
minafosho: it's sort of a snort/laugh
Jkelsofan: yeah, I know what you mean
Jkelsofan: hnyhh
Jkelsofan: hynnh
Jkelsofan: eh
minafosho: too difficult

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