Monday, October 30, 2006

update on the asian fetishist

The treasure I unearthed on craigslist a couple weeks ago has reappeared--several times:

Seeking the Exotic and the Polyglot - 25 (October 17): About me, I'm a grad. student at Yale. I'm 25, 5'7", longish brown hair, green eyes, athletic. My hobbies include travel, foreign language and culture study, martial arts, cooking, reading, horror movies, video games, being verbose and having terrible taste in music.

Horror Movie Fans (oops...) - 25 (October 23): About me, I'm a grad student, 25, 5'7", longish brown hair, green eyes and athletic. Interests include martial arts, cooking, eating, travel, foreign language, video games, bad music and of course, horror movies.

'Av a Spot of Tea, Guvna? - 25 (October 29): I'm a grad student, 25, 5'7", longish brown hair, green eyes and athletic. Besides drinking tea and being pretentious, my hobbies include martial arts, travel, foreign language, cooking and music.

Please note the SUBTLE differences in each post; I also highly encourage you to view the second, as it is particularly humorous. Cue: montage of each version of grad student, talking to a camera while James Blunt plays in the background.

I was a bit surprised to see that the tenth most e-mailed article on the Times website this morning was about a retired professor who just completed a translation of the Aeneid. It's a pleasant piece, so I felt compelled to link it. Ruining the ending:

Virgil worked on “The Aeneid” for 10 years, and Mr. Fagles took almost as long. When he was done with it, he said, he went through a period of mourning, having lost what had become in effect a daily companion. And he still can’t decide which of the epics is his favorite.

“Some days are very Iliadic,” he said. “You’re in a war. And some days it’s all about getting home; you’re like Odysseus. It all depends on what side of the bed you get up on.”


Jim Stanley said...

please stop republishing my craigslist posts. it's embarassing.

ps: why haven't you responded yet?

James said...

why would anyone ever advertise "terrible taste in music?"
p.s. comment on my blog.

rahulv said...

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