Saturday, October 07, 2006


As I began writing a post today, I realizd that this blog's color scheme--sepia and burnt orange--suddenly felt too autumnal. If there's anything I hate, it's being seasonally appropriate: just ask my 7th grade orthodontist, who was appalled by the vehemence with which I reacted to his query, "Christmas colors?"

So, I decided to go minimalist. Wanting to spruce up the vast expanse with a little picture, I spent a few minutes skimming through a folder on my desktop titled "random images" and came across this gem--a doodle of mine inspired by a Buck 65 show I saw with my ex-boyfriend at Sin-E, back in 2004. As I recall, the Canadian rapper just kept repeating, "Skeleton...on fire. Skeleton...on fire."

I'm going to start putting up these random images more often--they make for lovely blog posts. I have nothing intelligent to say about doodles at the moment, other than that I collected about fifty of them for a graphic design project in 2003. Today, I tried to spy on the work of a man who was sitting next to me on the train back from New York, drawing in a moleskine notebook, and we ended up chatting for a while.


dc said...

In sixth grade, my rubber braces-bands were black and neon green. I termed them to be "X-Files colors."

It is a miracle I have ever talked to a girl.

elmrockcity said...

Yeah, "the truth is out there"....

retrospartacus said...

wait, did you collect all those doodles for glen's class...? or was that not 2003?

i remember that i had decided on collecting "used cigarette packs", which, to this day, i robotically continue to amass, so now as to have about 200 different brands and boxes stinking up my closet, mostly from korea, ironically, because there's some graphic designer in the art school who always throws his box of korean marlboros in the same place.

freakish, i know -- me, not the korean.

elmrockcity said...

Yep--graphic design.

Glen hated my project! Maybe because I wasn't a supple young boy.