Saturday, October 28, 2006


Top 5 Names I wouldn't mind naming a female child, if I had one:
1. Rose
2. May
3. Sophie
4. Zoe
5. June ("Junebug")

Ten things I would like to do before turning Twenty-five:
1. Quit chewing a pack of pink Orbit bubblegum a day.
2. Successfully sustain a houseplant.
3. Read Ulysses, Gravity's Rainbow, and Anna Karenina.

4. Publish articles that are longer than 500 words in magazines I admire.
5. Learn how to cook fish without killing myself.
6. Fall in love and prolong the state for more than eight months.
7. Feel proprietary towards New York.
8. Take a trip somewhere with my father.
9. Purchase a fur coat.
10. Develop a habit of eating alone in fine restaurants.

4 Celebrities I vaguely resemble:
1. Winnie from the Wonder Years
2. Keanu Reeves
3. Michelle Branch
4. Phoebe Cates

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