Sunday, September 10, 2006

super (highway) fun

Something that I'm fairly preoccupied with these days is attempting to manage and direct the flow of information that I receive each day. In the confines of my cubicle this summer, I had oodles of time to waste on everything from gawker to thevalve to springwise; thanks to the impending deluge of course packets and mi compito italiano (that's another story), I have to be more discriminating now.

My latest obsession: tailrank. I'm pretty far behind the loop on this one, but I'll pay homage anyways. Tailrank's a metafilter that scours blogs--both liberal and conservative--for mentions of the most relevant news stories; the ones that have the most posts trickle upwards. You can also customize the filter, tailoring the feed to your own topical intolerances and petty tastes.

Unsurprisingly, one of the most discussed stories today is the disgusting GOP smear campaign, or the party's huge investment in advertisements that will use information derived from "oppositional research."

Republicans plan to attack Democratic candidates over their voting records, business dealings, and legal tussles, the GOP officials said.

Luckily, the regular old news will suffice to demonstrate the scapegoating, lying, and attempts to reshape temporality that are occurring on the other side.

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