Thursday, September 28, 2006


It's late on a Wednesday night, and I'm studying Brain and Thought. At the moment, those two words (brain, thought) seem irreconcilable, so in lieu of a coherent post, I offer this oddly beautiful animation taken using MRI.

Addendum: While going back to this image, I noticed that its part of a collection of wikipedia graphics called Featured Pictures. This is a really neat idea, albeit still in its infancy, and I like the way they describe the determinants of admission to the collection: "
images that we find beautiful, shocking, impressive, and informative."

Wikipedians can argue over the listings here.

Some of the ones I especially liked:
-broccoli that makes you think of math
-some smily, tawny kids in Jakarta
-perfect grapes
-a heap of buffalo skulls
-an old man running a 100-year old fair booth

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